Real Estate Law

A competent Wenatchee Real Estate Lawyer should be chosen to handle your Real Estate Needs. Real Estate Law involves any aspect of real property, whether that is the sale, occupation or something modifying the property like an easement or license Real Estate Law will be involved.

  • Property Acquisition/Real Estate Contracts
  • Lease Agreements
  • Water Rights
  • Easements
  • Licenses
  • Adverse Possession

Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate Contracts, also are known as purchase and sale agreements or offer to purchase agreements, are how a house or land is sold and can be drafted with a variety of options put in regarding how the closing will be handled and how liability will be allocated.  Real Estate Agents should always have an attorney review their documents to insure compliance.


The Moore Law Firm does not handle landlord/tenant issues at this time.


An easement allows a person the ability to use another person´s land for a particular purpose in a limited manner, usually a road to gain access to another piece of land or access to water or something else that is valuable.  The Moore Law Firm can provide the expertise required not only in drafting the actual easement but in negotiations with the owner of the land should there not be a current agreement in place.