Probate attorney for Wenatchee, WA and serving Chelan, Dougals, Grant, Okanogan, Adams, Kittitas, Lincoln & Ferry Counties

Probate. The very word is scary, it conjures up all sorts of fears for people and this situation comes at the worst possible time, when a loved one has passed. Probate in many states is quite a complicated, lengthy, drawn out, and expensive process. Fortunately here in Washington State we have the most streamlined, straight forward probate process in the United States! The probate process here in Washington State can take as little as five (5) months to complete and offers protection against creditors that a Revocable Living Trust does not offer. I have outlined below in a visual model what the probate process typically looks like here in Washington State; each situation is different but this is a general guide on how things will go. Please contact me today if you think that you need to start a probate or have questions regarding the probate process at 509-293-9867!